The Wild Horses Of Aus

I can't think of a more romantic photographic subject than the wild horses Of Aus, Namibia. This remarkable herd of wild horses defies all odds to survive in the hostile, arid Namibian desert where daytime temperatures soar to 50 degress and can fall to below freezing at night. Part of their intrigue is that nobody is really sure how they got there.

The most plausible theory is that they were left behind when the German Cavalry or Schutztruppe were forced to leave Namibia by the South African army in 1915. The soldiers set the horses free expecting them to die in the desert but somehow they adapted, clinging to life in this extraordinary environment.
The are spread out over a vast national park but in hot weather they make a daily pilgrimage to drink water at a man made well in Gharub. The combination of the light, the vastness of the landscape and their passing by of the endless stretches of road during this evening journey makes for such a spectacular composition.

The wild horses of Aus, Namibia will form part of a series in the theme of wild horses of the world. This will be Doug's next exhibition, which will take place in the latter part of 2010. Please revisit the website for details.